• Sort-A-Tool is a user system that sorts your wrenches for quick replacement. NO MORE SEARCHING. You can also remove the tray and take it to the car, furnace room or other work site.
  • Organized by size and stored on edge (instead of flat) twice as many wrenches are stored in the same space and a large, easy to read label indicates the sizes.
  • To sort a wrench, slide the open end over the sizing bar until it stops, then rotate and store in the proper space – easy as 1-2-3.
  • A combination label is supplied so you can store either metric or SAE wrenches. Since there are more metric than SAE sizes, use the spare space for extra wrenches.
  • Accomodates 10mm-7/16" wrenches 6.5 inches long and 19mm-3/4" wrenches 0.25 inches long.
  • Molded of durable polypropolene so it can be cleaned with petroleum products. Size is 13.5" X 9.5" X 1.5" and fits the standard 2" tool cabinet drawer. Offered in Red.
  • Invented by Hari Matsuda, industrial designer, inventor, car enthusiast and racer. As a design consultant, Hari innovated the ergonomic styling of cameras world wide, designed Whistler radar detectors and Mitsubishi cell phones since 1984. He has designed a variety of other products from medical tools to computer systems, consumer and commercial electronics since 1962. He races a full tube frame 914-6 and when asked how he came up this idea, said, "Searching for wrenches in a tool caddie is so frustrating that I made one of these for myself and found that a lot of my friends wanted one as well."

  • Made in the U.S.A. Foreign and U.S. patents applied for.

  • Contact: Phone (847-475-6995) or e-mail harim@sortatool.com