Although an integral part of the consumer products industry, car stereos and radar detectors require a slightly different view from home products. International Jensen developed over a hundred  products ranging from simple speaker bezels to complete lines of electronics, amplifiers, equalizers and sub woofers with our team. Our innovations with the ATZ saw the first car stereo to utilize the existing openings  on the dash as well as multi-use function buttons for radio and tape.  The pop open door allowed for a user-friendly panel.

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Alpine electronics kept our package design for some fourteen  years. The initial use of the package in their magazine ads was to emphasize quality.

Whistler Corporation teamed with us in 1985 and our designs were fundamental in their achieving the number one place in the industry. Again, SofTech Design™ played a major role in achieving this success as well as moving the industry away from little square boxes for their enclosures.

Whistler DC to AC Power

Rangestar- paragain (clip on) and in car pcs antennas