Ever wonder who came up with the idea of the button assemblies for quick and easy manufacturing? We call it the “button cluster” and it was innovated here for Mitsubishi. The whole world uses this method today.
Sort-A-Tool, a tray that sorts and stores open end wrenches. Organized by size and stored on edge (instead of flat) twice as many wrenches are stored in the same space and an easy to read label indicates the sizes. To Sort a wrench, the open end is slid over the sizing bar until it stops, then rotated and stored in it’s proper space-easy as 1-2-3. You can also take the tray to the car, bicycle, lawn mower or other work site, NO MORE RUNNING BACK AND FORTH to the storage cabinet.
Have you ever held a flashlight in your mouth as you groped in the dark with both hands full? Once you use this hands-free flashlight, you’ll never go back to the old ones. Invented Here.