The HARI DESIGN PORTFOLIO  includes a broad base of clientele and product categories. After starting in commmercial and consumer electronic products, HARI expanded heavily into medical imaging and diagnostic products, then to computer and communication  products, audio products and furniture. Further expansion found HARI successfully designing automotive aftermarket, photographic, and cycling  related products.
C A P A B I L I T I E  S
Hari Design Group is a full  service product development organization to include configuration development, industrial design, ergonomic expertise, prototyping and production analysis.  Since 1971, HARI has been innovating new product concepts, completely new appearance design, new product configurations, new ways to manufacture  products, innovative use of new materials, reducing the number of parts, all to enhance the bottom line. Experience and ingenenious problem solving  coupled with current computer technology allow us to provide our clients an overall source which is an important force behind getting the right products to market faster. All product development elements are integrated within our design team, thus generating a more cohesive product that fulfills our client's need for success and the ultimate cunsumer's desire  to purchase. We have successfully achieved the goals of our clients here and overseas. Both working for American clients as negotiating  experts overseas or for international clients to develop products for sale on the American market. Our international expertise goes through Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Finland, The United Kingdom, Canada  and France.
*Configuration Development
*Industrial Design
*Product Development
*Graphic Design
*Computer Aided Design
At Hari Design, interface  and compatibility with clients are handled via multiple CAD packages. We utilize 2D/3D, wireframe, solids and surface modelers on both PC  and UNIX systems, and Power Macs for graphics. Information can be transferred through the internet for immediate review.
* CADKey/FastSurf
* Euclid
* Pro-Engineer
* Vellum for Macintosh
* Human Interface Analysis
* Cost Reduction Methodology
* Market Research/Analysis
* Sourcing
* Far East Specialists
The key to our success is  our ability to understand the fundamental problem that faces our client  in the product development environment. Our attitude is to generate  a business success and not an award winner because the client's bottom  line may not be able to support the cost of an award winning design.  We still utilize some of the old ways of generating a new design and use new tools to complete the overall task. When computers are used to generate designs, the ability of the operator is the bottleneck to  a successful design. If the operator is a neophite, then the deisgn(and client) will suffer greatly. Even if the operator is experienced, the  design will never quite come out exactly how the creative mind intended.  This is due to the limitation of the computer design software. For products that meet the profile of nature, the computer cannot easily generate the appropriate shape. Imagine three spheres of different diameters  blending into a tapered curve that must fit the hands of a user ages ten through sixteen. Due to the limitations of computer design, we utilize  full scale models for mechanical and ergonomic studies which are then translated into CAD.