Mentor-Steel, copper, aluminum. Copper tubes represent people making positive contributions to your life.

18" tall

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Split Worlds-Steel, brass, wood. Additional art can be seen inside of balls through cracks. Sound, vibrating rods inside.

22" tall

Vietnam- Steel, plastic. Black inner section is a recessed map of Vietnam as one looks from the center of the earth. The map is upside down. Overall shape is that of a question mark.

48" tall

Tijuana Brass- Brass. Triptych with painting of Herb Albert and gold leaf sun dial on reverse side of doors.

24" diameter

Warren Court- Brushed steel with programmed lighting under plastic sheeting.

19" tall

Perfect Friendship- Brushed steel. 38" tall

Shikataganai- Brushed steel, programmed lighting inside sculpture seen through cracked side.

40" tall

Genesis-Steel and brass

38" tall

Man Made Environment- Steel, acrylic, urethane and electronics.

24" tall

Tragedies-Steel, acetate, electronics

14" tall

Insensitvity- Steel

14" tall