In 1980, while product designers were creating user unfriendly sharp cornered -- square boxes, Hari innovated SofTech Design® (as THE BRIDGE BETWEEN PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY). The fundamental elements of SofTech Design® are the forms of nature which people accept, naturally. The first SofTech Design® experiment was on the highly successful Altos computer. The second and most successful transformaion of visual design
was the introduction of the SofTech Design® for the camera industry. Our client, the worlds largest manufacturer of cameras for the OEM market experienced an 800,000 piece order cancellation in August of 1987, Two months later, at Photokina (Cologne, Germany) those same customers ordered 1.2million units of our new SofTech Design® camera line. Within nine months, every camera manufacturer had a SofTech Design® camera in their line and today, it is very difficult to find a square, hard cornered and flat camera.